Recognizing People™

Facial Recognition Designed for Enterprise.

Time & Attendance

End workplace fraud, by knowing if the person clocking in is the person that’s supposed to be working.


Make paying for things easier, and more secure than ever before, with the integrity of facial recognition. 


Skip the registration queue; check-in and print your credentials from a mobile device or webcam.


Enable more effective systems for border protection, voter verification, airport screening and watch lists.


Verify patient records and assist those who can’t say or remember their name; stop unwanted visitors.

Mobile Authentication

Lock and unlock apps on your Android smartphone with facial recognition. Protect your privacy whilst sharing your device.

Audience Engagement

Count the number of glances and dwell time on an object or space. Trigger events based on people's interaction with connected devices.

Door Access

Improve the integrity of door access in public spaces, buildings or at special events.


With the growth of online learning you can now make sure the student taking the test, is the student enrolled in the class.

Adaptive Content

Customize retail or advertising experiences depending on age, gender or emotion.


And that's just why some of our customers are using Kairos. Imagine the possibilities...