Illustration of two overlapping heart shapes; one green colored, the other made of binary code.


This is a 5 Part Series on Empathy and its relation to artificial intelligence, machine learning, and where we are headed in the future with technology. Follow the Kairos team as we explore empathy in the tech field and ways to implement it.


I recently expressed to someone about a time in my life that left me upset, changed, and almost broken. Their response was "I'm sorry, but every one goes through tough times. It sucks, but it's normal". I have thick skin, it's hard to offend me or upset me, but that statement made me roll my eyes and shake my head.

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Photos of different human faces with the words 'private' and 'public' overlaid.


A database of faces is a key element that is needed when working with any facial recognition technology. Without it, an algorithm can not ensure accuracy when comparing or recognizing unknown images to older identified images just like without a battery, your computer won’t turn on.

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Photo of some youg people at a picnic in a park with the words 'let's talk about public saftey'


Technology is changing and evolving every day at an increasing rate. It seems like every week we hear about a new tool we can use, a new software that will soon be part of our lives, and sometimes it can seem overwhelming. With all this new information out there how can we be sure that the technology we are developing is being used for good?

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Illustration of lots of human eyes with a magnify glass symbolising surviellence


1984, George Orwell said it best “BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU”, a line that seems to be repeated in different ways in different mediums over the course of human history. Big brother is usually a reference to the government, but it’s any authoritative power, who uses force, power, and technology to mindlessly control the majority of the population.

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Photo of happy young girl with text explaining the micro expressions of the emotion 'Joy'


Imagine you are watching a political debate where Candidate A is passionately going on about a topic and Candidate B is listening attentively. The camera zooms in on Candidate A whose eyes are wide open and hands are gesticulating. As the camera pans to candidate B you see it, a smirk, and a quick eyebrow raise. It only takes a fraction of a section but through this small group of facial movements you have learned that Candidate B does not agree with Candidate A. Candidate B didn’t have to say a word, the distaste was shown through a micro expression, which will gain or lose voters’ sway just like that.

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