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As we prepare to wrap up 2014, make sure to keep warm, spend time with your loved ones, eat some home cooked food and cuddle with your pets*. It has been a good year at Kairos HQ and we’re looking forward to all that 2015 will bring! See you next year!**

*Yep, I wrote that.
**this joke never gets old.


Facial Recognition News


Kairos joins the Endeavor family

We’re thrilled to announce that Kairos has been selected to join Endeavor’s Global network of high-impact entrepreneurship. Endeavor is a worldwide nonprofit organization that transforms emerging countries and cities by mentoring high-potential entrepreneurs in these communities.
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Can Facebook save you from yourself?

That party picture seemed like a good idea at the time but in retrospect, maybe not so much, given you’re friends with half your colleagues and family on social media. Facebook has recently announced plans to develop its facial recognition technology in order to differentiate between a person’s sober and drunken face so that it can warn or even prevent you from oversharing without thinking it through first.
The Washington Post


A smart vending machine

So you’ve made a new year’s resolution to sign up for a gym and actually go. But how do you resist that vending machine across the hall at work? A new smart vending machine called Luce X2 Touch TV uses facial recognition to identify users, remember preferences and even refuse to vend certain products depending on a shopper’s age and dietary requirements.
The Telegraph



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