Photos of diverse human faces symbolizing Kairos Facial Ethnicity Recognition


Diversity is strength. Diversity is great for your business. Diversity is happening. At Kairos we are mindful of how our face recognition technology will play a part in this important, and often sensitive, space. With the release of our new ‘ethnicity’ feature, I got the team together to discuss what this might mean for the world. If you’re curious to see your own information - Try it now.


In this article I’ll share some of the work Kairos is committed to, around diversity and inclusion. We’ll cover how ethnicity detection works, how it’s different from the practice of ancestry and the science of genealogy, and you’ll be able to view some cool examples of Kairos’ ethnicity detection accuracy.

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Illustration symbolizing Rapid API and Kairos Face Recognition


Application Program Interfaces (API) have been around since the early 2000s yet the marketplace for them has had immense growth within the last few years. The growth has been so rapid that a library of APIs has been a major wish list item for developers.


Iddo Gino has fulfilled that dev wish with the creation of, a marketplace that allows developers to search, find, test, and use all available public APIs within minutes.

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Illustration symbolizing the terms difference between 'API' and 'SDK'


In any niche world of business there are acronyms and buzzwords that make up the industry's jargon. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with all these trendy words and if you’re just getting into the industry you may not know many of them, and that is normal.


In the world of facial recognition there are many of these terms (FAR, FRR, and EER anyone?), but two important acronyms you may hear often are API and SDK.

It is vital to know what these terms mean, how they are different, and how they can come together in a product. So to help explain them, we’ll use the analogy of baking a cake.

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Photo of a Emma Yang, creator of the 'Timeless' Alzheimer's app


At Kairos, one of our main goals is to better understand how developers use our products. Knowing your challenges and successes helps us learn from each other but also sharing those challenges and successes helps us all connect in our community.


Each month we'll be featuring an interview with our customers allowing them to share their journey, knowledge, and advice with our API and SDKs.

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Illustration of a pixelated face with dots overlayed spelling 'A.I'


In the summer of 2016 I attended the Viva Technology Summit in Paris where I presented how Kairos is working [with retailers] to humanize artificial intelligence. The Viva Tech Summit is the largest tech event in Europe and is held to bring together “...innovative startups, influent companies, and bright minds”. You can see my original slides at the end of the article.


That being said, we decided to break down the barriers and simplify techy terms because the best way to humanize AI is to first humanize the conversation. We hope this discussion proves to be both informative and insightful for our readers and customers. And even though I presented what follows to leaders in the retail industry, we wrote it with any industry in mind.

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