Logos of the best facial recognition companies including Kairos, Microsoft and OpenCV


Everyone is talking about face recognition and there are a lot of different companies and products out there to help you benefit from it. With some of the biggest brands in the world rolling out their own offerings, it’s an exciting time for the market.


Yet, if you’re researching face recognition providers it makes it all the harder to know who’s the right fit for your needs. And we believe you and your business deserve the best facial recognition partner - it’s actually a mission of ours. Throughout 2017 we will be sharing our in-depth guides to making the most of face analysis, and why it should be at the heart of your business.

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Photo of a team of developers on stage at a hackathon about robots and face recognition


At Kairos, one of our main goals is to better understand how developers use our products. Knowing your challenges and successes helps us learn from each other but also sharing those challenges and successes helps us all connect in our community.


Each month we'll be featuring an interview with our customers allowing them to share their journey, knowledge, and advice with our API and SDKs.

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Cartoon image of a barista at a coffeeshop with digital signs in the background


As biometric sensor technology becomes a staple feature in consumerism it will affect various industries, particularly retail.


Today facial recognition sensors, that track the face of shoppers, are starting to become adopted by retailers in prime markets. In fact, research by CSC revealed that an estimated 59% of fashion retailers in the United Kingdom are using facial recognition today.

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Kairos brings emotion analysis to your Qualtrics surveys


The Kairos integration for Qualtrics helps companies gather and act on emotion data faster. Kairos' video analysis service, Project Look, can now be embedded directly into any Qualtrics survey. Grab your free guide at the end of this article.


Qualtrics is a popular tool used amongst market researchers and business analysts to collect data on their users and consumers. If you’ve tried Qualtrics before you'll know how easy it is to use, if not it is a web-based tool for creating surveys.

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Illustration of the American flag with unicorns inplace of the stars


This is the final blog post to our 5 Part Series on Empathy and its relation to artificial intelligence, machine learning, and where we are headed in the future with technology. Read up on the series and follow the Kairos team as we explore empathy in the tech field and ways to implement it.


The future of empathetic AI is taking place every minute ahead of you. The future is being shaped now. We already looked at several companies integrating empathetic code into their AI and each day there are more developers innovating with emotional AI in the fields of education, healthcare, retail, marketing, and even gaming.

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