Mary Wolff, Kairos COO


As a company scales, it’s really important to bring on world class talent. And Mary Wolff is just that. Mary has a diverse and unique set of skills and professional experiences, including artificial intelligence, entrepreneurship, and law.


Mary represented Kairos as outside counsel, and we are thrilled to have brought her in-house as our COO and General Counsel.

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Karios retires diversity recognition app


Beginning somewhere around the release of the Apple iPhone X, mainstream media attention to Face Recognition has gone from nearly none whatsoever— to the press equivalent of a flood light being shined directly on the industry. With this new attention, concerns have been raised around privacy and safety— and we’ve been listening.


Last summer, our Diversity & Ethnicity Recognition App was released-- and over 10 million people uploaded their selfies, curious to see how the algorithms would classify their ethnicities.

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Picture of actor Alec Baldwin from the 1992 movie Glengarry Glen Ross


As Kairos' VP of Sales, I get asked all the time about the challenges of being a sales leader at a hot tech-startup. So here's some things I've learned about growing a team, getting customers, and selling face recognition software. TL;DR: It takes hard work and there's no secret formula. Now go win those steak knives!


A common misconception, and mistake, amongst early innovators was the idea that the more advanced the technology product, the more you can charge for it. As a consequence of this line of thought, tech innovation in the 90’s was so expensive that entire companies went bankrupt. In attempting to hit the moving target of customer demand before their time-- they effectively paved the road of entry for their replacements.

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Illustration of simplified human faces


In a world where 1.66 billion people are buying online, Blockchain is as hot as lava, and Fintech is forcing legacy banking into digital submission-- old school identity verification, as in the kind executed by human eyes checking a face against a picture-- is being pushed off the same cliff that claimed the lives of paper checks and typewriters.


Digital transactioning is becoming more sophisticated, and so are the methods by which our online identities are proven. Digital Identity Authentication (DIA) is being built around biometrics-- enabling machines to do the ID’ing and verifying in machine enabled transactions. This process is meant to establish the same perceived security, and trust, associated with paper based credentials and face-to-face ID proofing.

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Image of the word 'Identity' cascading from left to right


Most everyone you know is aware of Bitcoin. They may even know that it’s decentralized currency. Yet beyond their ability to state that fact, most folks have no idea what decentralized means in this context, or how Bitcoin got to be that way. To understand any of it, you have to know that the star of the decentralization show isn’t Bitcoin. It’s the Blockchain.


Blockchain technology, so far as I can tell, is the glorious revival of the open protocol internet of yesteryear. The Internet before Facebook moved in and created closed databases of our social identities, forcing us to offer them up in exchange for use of their platforms.

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