Give your product the power to measure and respond to people in real-time




Identify quantity, gender, age, and focus of faces in images, video or the real-world

Crowd Analytics Features

Line drawing of a face symbolising Kairos face detection


Find faces and landmarks such as eyes, nose and mouth in the images you send us.

Line drawing of an eye symbolising Kairos engagement measurement

Engagement Measurement

Measure smiles, engagement time, number of glance, and attention span.

Line drawing of burst explosion symbolising Kairos triggered events

Triggered Events

Real-time triggered events based on captured data are possible within 100 milliseconds.

Line drawing of a male and female icons symbolising Kairos gender detection

Gender Detection

Detects gender and assign a probability score to each detected face.

Line drawing of people symbolising Kairos age detection

Age Detection

Detects approximate age and groups faces as very young, young, adult, or senior.

Line drawing of connected dots symbolising Kairos emotion analtyics API

Reporting API

Use our easy analytics REST API to integrate your data with your own systems.

Crowd Analytics Accuracy



Detection Accuracy


Gender Accuracy


Age Accuracy

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