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Retail Analytics That Detects Mood,
Age, Gender & Foot Traffic

Improve Your Customers’ Experience



Go beyond traditional retail analytics with business intelligence that provides deeper customer insight.


Until now, analyzing shopper behavior has been limited by tools that offer only a glimpse of what’s happening in your store.
With Face Recognition, Emotion Analysis, and Crowd Analytics by Kairos, your data not only gets a human face, but real-time measurement of your customers' moods, and behaviors as they shop. Upgrade your customer experience strategy, and make smarter decisions for your business.


  A/B test products and floor plans

  Track foot traffic patterns

  Identify and serve VIP customers

  Create demographic-responsive displays

Screenshot of a retail analytics dashboard

In-store Analytics


Bring your reporting to life with meaningful, actionable data.

Illustration of a store's floorplan with explainin customer hotspots

Live Heatmap


Improve the shopability of your retail spaces.

Cartoon image of a barista at a coffeeshop with digital signs in the background

Smart Signage


Delight your customers and serve them in more relevant ways.


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