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“Kairos has been proven to be a success in emerging markets such as the Caribbean. As a leading biometric solutions company, Kairos can provide SONAR with cutting edge technology for our emergency management blockchain solutions.”

- Sergio Pengel, Founder & CEO


SONAR is putting disaster relief on the blockchain

Developed to aid in emergency events in areas like the Caribbean where natural disasters have historically been most frequent, and most devastating —  The SONAR ID dApp will expedite communications between those in danger and national disaster management agencies.


Identity Verification


Emergency medical services, Blockchain

Hurricanes hit Caribbean islands with such frequency, there is a ‘season’ every year whereby they can be expected. These events lead to national emergencies, which leave countless inhabitants in need of relief and medical attention. SONAR ID was developed to mitigate dis-organization during emergencies—  and requires reliable, scalable, biometric identity verification that can be linked to medical information.


Making first responder-heroes super

SONAR is leveraging the Kairos Protocol™ in their de-centralized emergency management system. Inhabitants of at-risk Caribbean areas will be enrolled by taking a selfie and providing relevant medical information. In the event of a disaster or emergency, persons at risk and/or in need of help will be face-scanned, and when linked the database—  their PII and medical information will be expedited to emergency management and medical agencies.


Photo of the Sonar disaster app in action on Android smartphone


SONAR: Saving lives

The SONAR platform is a disaster and emergency management system that is being built to provide a centrally managed and converged communication point for the interchange of data and information, between national disaster management agencies and the general public. SONAR focuses on the before, during and after components of emergency events.


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