Understand people with face recognition technology


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We've done the hard work for you - Integrating face recognition has never been as simple as it is today

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Find faces

Identify, recognize and verify.

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Analyze faces

Identify unique demographics.

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Understand faces

Identify emotions and attention.

Things you can do with Kairos


Audience Insights

Transform your brand experiences

Create personal connections - optimize content

  • Measure emotions in real-time
  • Track important demographic data
  • See where people lose interest

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Search, Tag & Match

Maximize value of your digital assets

Increase discoverability - drive ROI

  • Automatically tag people for faster searching
  • Index any image, video or stream for faces
  • Build Kairos into your platform with just a few lines of code

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Identify & Authenticate

Secure your business

From online to offline - enhance security

  • Ultra-fast face upload and searching
  • Enterprise grade encryption, tokenization and flexibility
  • High quality, accurate, and reliable

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"Kairos lets us run massive tests in the real world and get results back in hours. The real time data this gives us about positive or negative reactions to advertising is a game changer."

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