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VIDEO TUTORIAL: How to Use Postman to Test Kairos' Facial Recognition API

Published on
April 8, 2023
Team Kairos

Now, if you’re a software developer this probably won’t be news to you. In fact, maybe you’re working for a company (or founding one) whose products contribute to the digital economy of today.

If that is the case (?) no doubt you’ll have designed, worked on, or integrated APIs in your career. So, chances are you already know why we’d create a tutorial, showing you how to test our API with a tool like Postman.

WTF is Postman?

Postman is an application designed for helping developers test APIs. You send requests to a web server and get a response back. All in one simple interface.

How to Test Kairos Face Recognition API with Postman (video below)

This tutorial assumes you have a Kairos API account already—If not, sign-up for a free trial (if you're not a software developer, feel free to share this tutorial with your tech team!).

Also, you're gonna need to install the Postman app—it’s a free download here.

And, don't forget to grab Kairos' API collection for Postman.

Now you're set up with Kairos API access and the Postman app, check out the screencast below by Kairos Engineer, Anthony Jackson. Follow along, as he guides you through making your first Kairos API request using Postman.

We've provided a test image for you to use, however Anthony will also show you how to upload and detect faces from an image on your local machine.

What's especially cool about Postman; it also enables you to test APIs using your preferred programming language—all with a couple of mouse clicks. From Go to Ruby and C# to Python, Postman has you covered. This saves you precious time when deciding between Face Recognition APIs.

If you have any questions or feedback, we'd love to hear from you!—Connect with our tech team today.

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